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Write less, transmit better

Transmitting scientific data efficiently with a paper notebook has today become too complicated. Many researchers have already been unable once in their lives to replicate the experience of a colleague. With Jawslab we want to help researchers finally make the digital transition.

Easy to Use

Jawslabis an easy-to-use and user friendly Laboratory notebook embedding all the tools to be your ideal companion to your digital transition.

100% Accessible and secured

Access your private data anytime, anywhere. Jawslab uses asymetric encryption to keep and transfert your data to your laptop or smartphone.


Don't lose your time by filling your labnotebook. Using machine learning and algorithms, Jawlab helps you to automatically fill your journal



Share your projects,procotols, events and more with your team with encrypted messages.

Easy Management

Jawslab integrates a powerfull booking system, that helps you to plan your experiment and meetings in your lab or in your institute.

Open Access Oriented

Automatically upload your protocols/data to open access depositories.Jawslab creates for you the metadata and helps you to choose the data to upload.


Founders :


Benjamin Boury-Jamot

PhD, Behavioral Neurosciences

Passionate about computers and science, I wanted to bring them together after my PhD in neuroscience to create Jawslab. Softwares in science are unfortunately often too complicated and do not make use of modern technologies. I like to believe that software must be made to understand the user and not the opposite.


Anthony Carrard

PhD, Molecular Neurosciences

I have always had a great interest in science that leads me to study Biology. After obtaining a MSc. degree in psychiatric genetic at the university of Geneva, I decided to pursue my academic studies with a PhD degree in Molecular Neuroscience at the University of Lausanne.Unable to find the right tool for my everyday life at the bench during these years, I decided to create Jawslab.



Jawslab idea is born

During our PhDs, we faced the challenge of properly collecting our scientific data. Like many scientists, we could not find a simple and time-saving digital solution. So we came up with the idea to develop our own solution.


Prototype launched

At the beginning of 2018, we are launching the first prototype that includes our agenda module in two scientific departments of the Lausanne area. The prototype allows to manage dozens of scientific equipments, to generate usage reports and to attach to each event notes that are compiled in an electronic laboratory notebook.



At the end of 2019, the technology transfer office of the University Hospital of Vaud (CHUV) grants us a subsidy to develop the prototype. The first algorithms allowing to automate tasks appear. The prototype is enhanced with a project manager allowing the user to classify notes more efficiently.



In early 2020, at the start of the first wave of COVID-19, we are integrating the startup acceleration program. Our vision is significantly broadened, and we are reaching out to more researchers to better understand their problems in order to provide the right solutions.

Q1 2021

FIT Digitale

December 2020, we receive a grant from the digital FIT. The first quarter of 2021 will be dedicated to the development of our MVP. Great functionalities are to be released, the protocol manager, the connected paper laboratory notebook, the optimization of our digital laboratory notebook...

Q3 2021

Release Candidate

In the third quarter of 2021, a first version of the software should be released in order to allow as many people as possible to adopt our solution.


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